Setting up the different elements of your IT systems is vital in ensuring they all work together to provide the best service possible.

CSI will work closely with you to come up with a plan that does exactly what you need it to. Our staff will then make sure that your configuration and processes follows this and that you are getting the best from your products.


So we have a plan, now comes the implementation stage. Our promise is that we won’t leave until you are smiling and this is important at every stage. We will be constantly monitoring the systems we are implementing and keeping you informed at every stage. So that if any changes need to be made then it will be easy and stress free.

Because we are a business as well we understand that closing the office down for a few weeks is not an option, our trained staff will do their best to be in and out with minimum disruption, letting you concentrate on the important things.


Networks are an essential part of business, it ensures that everyone is together is on the same page or network. So deciding on the right equipment is important to provide a clear system and reliable communication. We cover everything, routing, broadband, Wireless, VPNs to name a few.

Our team can talk you through our options like our Cisco hardware and software and the benefits it can have in increasing productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. You can trust that you have the best fit for your business.


The staff here at CSI can provide you with a full list of programming services, from SharePoint to C#. No matter if you have in house systems like Sage we can provide you with solutions.

Report development can be key in ensuring you have a complete picture of your business. Crystal Reports take data from a range of sources allowing you to see any issues or positives and implement changes that can make dramatic difference.

Disaster Recovery

In the extreme case that several negative things have happened in your business, for example a cyber attack or the failure of equipment, a Disaster Recovery plan is vital.

Our team specialise in coming up with Disaster Recovery plans that will minimise the damage to your business. This can include backups, restoring servers to mention a few, but you can rest assured that CSI have thought of everything.


Not everyone is a technical genius so the staff at CSI can develop a tailored training plan to get everyone up to scratch. Whether it’s applications, software or emails, we can make sure that everyone is using it to best of it’s capability.

Our support will continue after training, so if you forget one or two things, don’t worry. Give us a call.

Performance Management

When your IT systems are in place, our support doesn’t end there, with Performance Management you can continuously monitor how your systems are working.

If anything lags or starts to malfunction we will be there to solve any issues.

System Audit

When it comes to determining what needs improved and updating we can implement a full system audit, which will highlight to our staff any areas that need improving. This information is like a health check and we will explain our findings in an impartial confidential way.

We can also help you with Capacity Planning, which sounds quite complicated, but it simply takes into consider the growth of your business and how this may affect your IT systems allowing CSI to plan with you the future. After all a market leading business can’t have outdated IT!


When it comes to IT CSI understand that it may not be everyone’s forte, so you may be thinking that you aren’t sure if you need any help. CSI provide a full consultancy service to discuss with your you business and the systems currently in place.

Together we will decide if changes need to be made and if so what would work best. Our staff will speak to you without the jargon so that you fully understand the ins and outs of any new products. We can speak with you on a level that other companies can’t, as CSI is a business too, so your business is our business.