Backup Systems

CSI back up servers for businesses across ireland

Protecting the information you have stored is important to you and your clients, it is fundamental to any reputable business so backup systems are the key. If for whatever reason if your hard disk fails then you will know that it can be recovered, so no panic, just call CSI and we’ll be there.


it support for business across ireland

Whatever the size of your business, you can trust that we will find the best solution for your needs. Whether it is a single server or high performance we will tailor your server needs to your business making sure that things are running at their optimum.

Our IBM servers are optimised for all your business critical applications and perfect for the small business environment. The team here at CSI know exactly what a small business needs which means no hidden extras.


CSI ireland work with ibm storage

Finding somewhere safe for your data can be a hard task but at CSI we will find out exactly what you need, so that you aren’t paying for unnecessary space. We will walk you through everything with no complicated jargon from transfer to access.

We can offer a variety of solutions from cloud based to clever IBM solutions that don’t mean you need a complete overhaul of your hardware. No matter what space you have or what size you need, CSI will have the answer.


csi ireland work with vmware

WMware is a market leader in virtualisation allowing you to utilise all the possibilities of your hardware. This virtual machine can transform your business allowing you to access multiple operating systems and applications at the same time.

CSI have the experience and knowledge to support your business . You may not fully comprehend the potential but you can trust CSI to provide the latest solutions for your business.

Our experts will discuss the possibilities for you making sure that any queries you have are explained, so you are confident about the benefits to your company.

Operating Systems

csi ireland work with windows 8

We fully supply and support your operating system needs. From initial discussions we will establish your business needs and which operating system will suit you best. CSI Ireland will install and implement the software, ensuring that it covers all your business requirements. Training is an important element to any new system, so before we go we will make sure that your staff are using it effectively.

CSI Ireland also provide upgrades, we are only a phone call away and can discuss with you the latest systems, like Windows 10, and decide if it would work for you and your business, so you can trust that your business is running at its best.

PCs, Laptops & Macs

csi ireland offer multiple computer support

At CSI we pride ourselves in listening to our clients’ requirements and ensuring they receive the product they need at great value prices. When it comes to your hardware we will provide, install and support your business, whether it is a PC, laptop or Mac.

When it comes to choosing the right option, we will take into consideration everything from, how many users, to the nature of your company and small details such as optimum screen size for the best office fit. You can trust that the products you get will be the best fit on all accounts.

Trend Anti-Virus

csi ireland offer best antivirus software

Your security is our concern. There are constant changes in the online world and some anti-virus software can become quickly outdated and outperformed, which can cause security breaches. At CSI we will assess your needs and provide the solutions. CSI aim to provide you with cost effective solutions, so if you only need a virus or malware removal we can do that.

CSI partners with Trend Anti-virus software, a leader in the field of cloud security. We will talk you through the finer details, install and monitor, so you have nothing to worry about. We want you to have peace of mind, letting you get on with the important task of running your business.

Microsoft Software

csi ireland work with laptops

Whether it’s Office 365, Outlook or an older version of Microsoft software our team know it inside out. Once we have chosen the best option for you, it will be installed and setup with all the personal touches you need.

If you and your team need any training or reminded of any tricks we can design a training program suited to you. It won’t end there, as new operating systems are developed and new software introduced we will continue to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, which means your business will always be at it’s best.


csi ireland offer network cabling

Routers, switches and firewalls – we have it all covered. Even for a small business technology like Cisco and VoiP is vital and it might seem complicated but that’s where we come in. CSI will assess and solve your networking needs in an efficient and beneficial way. Allowing you to concentrate on your prospering business.

Getting you connected to each other and the internet will help you get your company profile out there, you need a service that is reliable and tailored. Our staff will install with minimal disruption and not leave until you are happy and smiling.